Message from Prof. Tshilidzi Marwala, Rector of the United Nations University, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations

Our Participants

Government Officials

60-80 senior participants representing ministries of ICT from 20 developing countries.


University students from the Global South (developing regions); Civil Society Organizations.


working in a range of disciples associated with AI, e.g., computer science, ethics, and law.

Technology Industry Leaders

Conference Tracks

About the Organizer

The United Nations University Institute in Macau (UNU-IIST/Macau) is one of the 13 UNU research institutes and a global think tank in the UN system. It focuses its research and educational activities on digital technologies for sustainable development, such as AI governance, modeling, online youth development, and cyber resilience. Founded in 1992 and positioned in the Greater Bay Area of China, the Institute serves as a bridge to facilitate technological dialogue between Global North and South, culture East and West.