Pre-Summit of the Future Dialogue on Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technology

An event co-hosted by the United Nations in China and the United Nations University Macau

Date and Location: 24 April 2024, 13:30 – 17:00, Macau SAR 

The Summit of the Future, taking place in September 2024 in New York, seeks to revitalize the multilateral system for the challenges the world currently faces and will focus on discussing issues across five key areas, one of which is AI and digital technology. To prepare for the Summit, the UN in China is organizing this Dialogue on Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technology, whose key outcomes will be shared as an input to the deliberations at the Summit.

China’s rapid advancement in artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technologies has significantly contributed to domestic economic growth and global technological innovation, positioning China as a principal contributor to the digital economy on a global scale. However, persistent digital divides remain worldwide, exacerbating economic and social inequality; international cooperation is demanded to address challenges of how to ensure responsible AI and digital technology management aligning with universal human rights and ethical principles and to provide safe and open online space.

To promote a shared vision of an open, free, secure, and human-centered digital future, the United Nations, with its unique convening power to foster collaboration, must lead in facilitating multi-stakeholder engagement and building capacities regarding sustainable development. This event, co-hosted by the UN in China and UNU Macau and serving as a side event to the UNU AI Conference 2024, is one of a series of four pre-Summit of the Future Events being organized by the UN in China, aimed at facilitate a sustained multi-stakeholder dialogue and cooperation in the digital world.

This event aims to:

  • Provide a platform for all stakeholders to discuss and share solutions to address complex challenges at the intersection of AI and sustainable development.
  • Facilitate national and regional cooperation and dialogue on AI and digital technologies.
  • Prepare for the Summit of the Future in Septemberby gather China’s inputs and update Chinese stakeholders on the Summit’s progress

50 AI experts from across China with expertise in AI governance, applications of AI for sustainable development, covering a broad range of sectors, including government, international organizations, the private sector, academia, think tanks and civil society.